Ahad, 28 Februari 2010


1. Membership Eligibility and Fee: To be a members of Needa Couture, one have to pay the registration fees once for 2 years.
2.Membership Cancellation: Needa Couture reserves the right to cancel any membership of any member for reasons that include (1) violation of these Terms and Conditions (2) misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this membership (3) physical, verbal, or written abuse about our products (4) fail to make payment for annual fee.
3. Changes in Terms and Conditions: Needa Couture reserve the right to change, limit, modify or cancel Terms and Conditions (including the membership payment), regulations, benefits, conditions of participation and rewards .
4. Notice of Changes:  Any such changes will be shown in these Terms and Conditions on the web site and will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise.
5.No Guarantees on Gifts: make no guarantees, warranties and shall not be liable for any loss, expense of any defect or failure of such items.

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